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About Us

The Hull Institute is a private practice in Northeast Ohio specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and other addictions.

This phrase comes from Alcoholics Anonymous and has guided countless people through difficult moments.
Anna in Frozen 2 has a whole song about “Do the Next Right Thing.”
Now let’s add in loving kindness: Do the next kind, right, hard thing. Being kind to ourselves IS the right thing to do, and infinitely harder than being kind to others.
Even when it’s really hard, doing the NEXT KIND, RIGHT, HARD THING is the way through life’s challenges. When we look too far ahead, we get bogged down in the muck and it is easy to feel hopeless.

As we all move through this challenging time, we at The Hull Institute have noticed a few things:
We CAN all rise up and move through this virus TOGETHER, or we can isolate and live in fear.
People with brain disorders are likely to see their symptoms and behaviors increase in frequency and intensity during this time.
Families of people with eating disorders, due to the constant close proximity, are likely to see how bad the problem really is, in ways they have never seen before.
And the entire family can benefit from support and guidance from our team of eating disorders specialists.

We are accepting new clients and we are becoming quite adept at virtual appointments. Clients and therapists are working together to stay safe while choosing virtual or in-person appointments. Insurance companies continue to cover virtual appointments. We can get you started with a clinician within 48 hours of your call to us. We are here to help.

Ann Hull Kuster, LISW, MBA President, The Hull Institute, LLC

Eating disorders are horrible brain disorders. As anyone with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or something else knows, eating disorders are extremely difficult to treat. We have never seen a client that has “only” an eating disorder. We see women and men, LGBTQ, teens and adults of all ages who also have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and addictions. It’s bad enough to have just one of these, and many of our clients have several. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

Eating Disorder Resources (PDF)

Article: Adolescents susceptible to eating disorders


HHRR is opening a home in Akron for women, and people who identify as women, with eating disorders (Primary), other addictions and trauma. HHRR is all-inclusive and looks forward to accepting people of all colors and backgrounds.

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Our Treatment Approach

Who We Help

For over our mission has been to help people overcome unhealthy behaviors and achieve happier, more balanced lifestyles. We have two complementary areas of expertise: unhealthy eating and alcohol and drug mis-use.

How We Do It

We believe that the mental health and chemical dependency issues we treat are biological and genetic, brought out by environmental factors. Our motto is: “You didn’t cause it AND it’s your responsibility to fix it!”

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Eating Disorders

“I can’t keep doing this AND I can’t stop!”

Eating disorders and disordered eating are disruptive to daily living at the minimum and life threatening at the maximum. Individuals of any age can benefit from professional help. No one deserves to live with these very treatable diseases. Getting treatment is not easy, nor is not getting it. If you are struggling with your eating habits and/or weight worries, we can help restore you and your family to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

DO’s and Don’ts for Family and Friends (PDF Download)

Nutrition / Dietitian Services

We offer appointments with our Eating Disorders Dietitians at our Beachwood, Rocky River and Fairlawn offices. You do not need to see a therapist at The Hull Institute to see one of our dietitians.

Most people believe they know what to eat, how much to eat, and how often to eat. It really isn’t that difficult, is it? I mean come on, there are only a million websites and books and magazine articles out there telling us what to eat and how much to exercise. Yet, if we all knew what to do, why aren’t we all doing it?

If only it were that simple. The body is an incredibly complicated machine and there is no shame in asking for help from a Registered Dietitian with a degree, lots of training and practice, and who specializes in the treatment ...

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