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Drug-Free Workplace

Are drug and alcohol abuse costing your company money? Indeed, they are.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace: The Bottom Line

  1. On average, employees with inappropriate substance use cost their employers $7,000-$25,000 annually
  2. Substance abusers are 33-50% less productive than non-users
  3. Abusers are absent 3 weeks more per year than non-abusers
  4. Substance users file 300-400% more costly medical claims
  5. 50-80% of pilferage, loss and theft are due to substance abusers
  6. Up to 70% of serious workplace accidents are related to alcohol and drug abuse

Source: Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Announces the New Drug Free Safety Program

  • Discounts of 3-7%, on top of current discounts
  • Yearly training reduced to 1 hour
  • Yearly supervisor training reduced to 2 hours
  • Train The Trainer options to train employees
  • Supervisors still need yearly training from a certified trainer
  • Participating companies will need to update their current drug free workplace policy to include other safety issues (This is quite simple!)
  • Training grants to cover some of the training costs

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