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Quotes can be a powerful tool in recovery, offering inspiration, motivation, and emotional support. They validate feelings, remind individuals they are not alone, and show that others have successfully navigated similar paths. Quotes can shift negative thought patterns, encourage persistence, and help focus on recovery goals. Daily affirmations through positive quotes reinforce a positive mindset and foster resilience. In difficult moments, quotes offer comfort and hope, reinforcing the belief that recovery is possible and worth the effort. Reflecting on meaningful quotes provides strength, perspective, and renewed purpose in the journey toward healing.

As a sentimental person, I love keeping keepsakes by taking screenshots, dog-earing pages in poetry books, and sharing meaningful quotes with friends, hoping they resonate. I believe in planting seeds, creating situations where something positive can develop. Many positive words shared by therapists, friends, or family have stayed with me for years. Here are seven gentle reminders, one for each day of the week, that have supported me in my recovery journey.

Day 1 – Monday

The quote, by an unknown author, offers a powerful message of resilience and patience, especially relevant for my recovery from an eating disorder. It emphasizes breaking down overwhelming challenges into manageable increments, making recovery feel more achievable and less daunting. This approach encourages staying present and reducing anxiety by not getting overwhelmed by the bigger picture. It promotes self-care and adaptability, reminding me that it’s okay to adjust strategies to my needs and strengths, valuing small victories and continuous progress.

During my most challenging days, it was difficult to see beyond the next hour or minute because everything felt overwhelming. Then, my life coach shared this quote with me that helped me pause and take a deep breath. It may sound cliché, but it’s essential to remember that you’ve felt these emotions before in some way, and you will get through them again. On tough days, what can you do to make today 1% better? Even the smallest steps are progress towards victory.      I believe in you.

Day 2 – Tuesday

This quote by an unknown author speaks to the profound disconnection between self-perception and true worth, especially in eating disorder recovery. When I look in the mirror, I often see only my physical appearance, missing the impact I’ve had on others, the joy I’ve brought, and the strength I’ve shown. This message encourages me to recognize that my value is far more complex and extraordinary than a reflection can convey. It reminds me that I am much more than my appearance, emphasizing my intrinsic worth and the positive effects of my presence and actions.

This quote has been a beacon of hope in my anorexia recovery, reminding me that my essence isn’t captured by my reflection. In moments of self-doubt, it helps me shift focus to the lives I’ve touched, the smiles I’ve brought, and the inner strength I’ve shown. These aspects, invisible in the mirror, are integral to who I am. It reassures me that my worth isn’t tied to my appearance but to my character and actions. This perspective fosters a compassionate self-view, essential in my recovery, empowering me to embrace and celebrate the profound and beautiful person I am becoming.

Day 3 – Wednesday

This quote from @ozo.art rings so true in so many ways. I remember in my darkest times, I didn’t think I was going to make it through—that the world was collapsing in front of me. There were many moments when I had to pause and take the day by seconds. It’s challenging, of course, like numerous things are, but knowing I made it through this emotion before was telling that I could do it again, but stronger than I was before.

 I need to remember that I am capable of doing hard things because I’ve faced challenges before and emerged stronger each time. Those emotions and feelings that seem overwhelming now are not new; I’ve navigated them successfully in the past. I recall how I felt during previous struggles—the fear, the doubt, and the pain—and how I managed to push through and find my strength. Each time I overcame those feelings, I built resilience and learned valuable lessons about myself. I trust in my ability to endure and grow, knowing that I’ve done it before and can do it again. I embrace the discomfort as a sign of growth and lean on the coping strategies that have served me well in the past. I am stronger than I think, and I can get through this.

Day 4 – Thursday

This quote by Charlotte Freeman offers a powerful message of self-recognition and self-love for those in recovery. It encourages acknowledging one’s strength and resilience in overcoming difficulties, reminding us that these qualities are worthy of pride. Despite challenges, each person has the courage to keep moving forward, growing, and healing. The quote inspires self-compassion, urging us to appreciate our worth and achievements.

This quote resonates deeply with my eating disorder recovery. It reminds me to credit myself for the immense strength it takes to overcome difficult moments. Recognizing my resilience motivates me as I navigate new obstacles. It reassures me of my ability to grow and heal, no matter how tough things get. It encourages me to look in the mirror and genuinely acknowledge my progress, saying, “I’m proud of you,” and truly meaning it. Above all, it reinforces the importance of self-compassion and appreciation in my recovery journey.

Day 5 – Friday

This quote by Morgan Harper Nichols holds significant meaning for those in recovery from an eating disorder or any other challenge. It serves as a powerful reminder that progress is not always measured by visible milestones or achievements. Recovery often involves periods of slow progress or even setbacks, and this quote reassures individuals that every small step forward, no matter how imperceptible it may seem, is still progress.

For me personally, in recovery, each breath can symbolize resilience and determination—the choice to keep moving forward, even when it feels difficult. It acknowledges the effort and courage it takes to continue the journey, even in the face of setbacks. The quote emphasizes that growth and progress are ongoing processes, not confined to specific achievements, and that every moment of perseverance contributes to healing and personal growth.

Day 6 – Saturday

This quote by Nikki Banas offers a comforting message for those in recovery, emphasizing that difficult times are temporary and better days are ahead. It reassures individuals that lows are a natural part of the recovery journey and do not define their worth or identity. Instead, these moments precede positive changes and new beginnings. The quote encourages holding onto hope and believing that brighter days filled with joy and peace are on the horizon, normalizing the ups and downs of recovery and providing motivation to keep moving forward.

This quote resonates deeply with my recovery journey, reminding me that difficult times are temporary and do not define me. It reassures me that better things are coming, encouraging me to hold onto hope and believe in future light, joy, and peace. Acknowledging that setbacks are okay, the quote helps me see struggles as opportunities for growth and new beginnings. It motivates me to keep moving forward, knowing that tough times will pass and I will find happiness and peace again.

Day 7 – Sunday

This quote by Morgan Harper Nichols speaks profoundly to those in recovery, offering hope and resilience. It acknowledges the darkness and uncertainty of the journey, reminding us it’s natural to feel lost and overwhelmed. The metaphor of the night sky suggests that rest and trust are essential, even when progress isn’t visible. The reassurance that “we still moved forward” despite weariness highlights our inner strength, encouraging patience and confidence that recovery takes time. It assures us that current struggles are temporary and that we are growing wiser and more resilient each day.

This quote resonates deeply with my eating disorder recovery. In my darkest times, it often felt like the darkness would never lift. Just as the night sky invites rest and trust, I learned to take each day moment by moment and believe in the light ahead, even when I couldn’t see it. Recovery is gradual, and progress isn’t always visible. I had to accept that healing takes time and trust that I was moving forward, growing stronger, and gaining wisdom each day. This journey taught me that even in the darkest times, I was still progressing toward greater grace and understanding.

By Jocelyne Laplance

About the Author

With extensive experience in behavioral health and a passion for mental health advocacy, Jocelyne has dedicated her career to supporting individuals on their recovery journeys. She volunteers as a mentor and support group leader, providing compassionate care and guidance. Her commitment extends to various advocacy roles, bridging gaps in mental health awareness and fostering community support. In her free time, Jocelyne loves to spend time in nature, go on road trips, and play with her cat.