Curly haired overweight young woman in glasses ties white shirt and admires choice standing in front of large mirror in stylish room reflection view

In the tapestry of my essence, why care about this body?
Chasing a gaze that values curves over character, I ask why?
Why not embrace soulful connections in community, where intellect triumphs, and we dance to the rhythm of self-love?

Why try to fit myself to society’s dictates?
Most don’t.
Why chase after that elusive prize? What lays in the participation of society’s orchestrated stumble?
This endless fuss about how I look. Is it even my preference or society’s whispered expectations?
Beyond this surface, my value echoes, self-love reigning supreme.

Why anguish over this transient form?
Embrace the change, welcome the passing years, A gift, not a burden.
A journey of evolving mind and body.

So, why care about this body?
For its strength, its vitality, its unique journey, ready for life’s adventures.

I cherish my body – a celebration, not a critique, in the poetic cadence of life.


By Yasamin Ghodsbin

About the Author

Charlotte Becker, Volunteer

Yasamin Ghodsbin has always had a curiosity for life and all
experiences, aiming to help as many people as she can. She hopes to implement mental health initiatives in the music industry, as she currently works at Interscope Records. She has been healed from her eating disorder since 2018 and makes it her mission to shine a light whenever a moment calls for it.