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We offer nutrition services virtually. All of our dietitians have specialized training in eating disorders and disordered eating, and are considered experts in the field. You do not need to see a therapist at The Hull Institute to see one of our dietitians. Our dietitians have years of experience treating eating disorders and undergo regular supervision to ensure you are receiving the most effective and complete care.

The idea of working with a dietitian can be very anxiety provoking when food is a struggle. Our dietitians offer compassionate, individualized care to help lead you to a better path and support you on your recovery journey. A dietitian is an integral part of the eating disorder treatment team, they are there to ensure you are nourishing your body appropriately and to support you in finding your healthy voice to push back against the eating disorder.


Experts in Nutrition Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Our dietitians see clients virtually and they have flexible hours to meet your busy schedule. At the first one-hour session, you and the dietitian will walk through your eating history, when your problems began, what behaviors you have right now and what your goals are. You then work together to develop a meal plan individualized for you that helps you move forward at a pace that works for you and the treatment team.

Our experience has been that dietitians who do not understand eating disorders can do more harm than good. Our dietitians will work closely with you, your family if you wish, and your medical team to assure your body is getting the fuel and nutrients it needs for strength, wellness and recovery.

An individualized and nutritionally appropriate meal plan that changes as you change provides structure for your ongoing health and recovery. Relapse prevention plans are developed with you so your success will be life-long. Our dietitians understand your needs and will work with you and your treatment team to find a plan that works.

If you would like more information about our nutrition services, our dietitians can help, please call us at (216) 407-6278 or contact us.