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Our Treatment Approach

Who We Help

For over our 17 years mission has been to help people overcome unhealthy behaviors and achieve happier, more balanced lifestyles. We have two complementary areas of expertise: unhealthy eating and alcohol and drug mis-use.

How We Do It

We believe that the mental health and chemical dependency issues we treat are biological and genetic, brought out by environmental factors. Our motto is: “You didn’t cause it AND it’s your responsibility to fix it!”

Our years of experience have shown us that a hands-on approach is necessary for most of our clients. Life threatening illnesses such as these don’t allow for taking things slowly. When moving too slowly, the problem wins. Therefore, we approach things firmly, and gently. We do not negotiate with eating disorders and substance abuse; rather, we intervene with people to teach them to combat their problem instead of colluding with it or denying its existence.

While recovery often takes a long time, we offer immediate hope and a treatment plan that gets the client started quickly. We treat the immediate issues first. In the beginning, we are less concerned with how the problem got started and more concerned with quick treatment. As the client moves toward stopping harmful behaviors, we address the distorted thinking and underlying issues that impact recovery. Yes, full recovery is possible.

Because we understand the severity of eating disorders and addictions, we strive to offer immediate appointments and individualized care in a small, nurturing environment. Each treatment plan is developed with the client and, when possible, the family. In addition, our treatment plans extend beyond our practice to include, as needed, collaboration with primary care doctors, psychiatrists, and other health care providers.

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Eating Disorder Family Handout