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Selecting an Interventionist

  1. How quickly can the interventionist arrange a meeting? When the family finally decides to take action, they shouldn’t have to wait.
  2. How accessible and committed is the interventionist? Interventions require time and expertise. You will want someone who has the time it takes for the intervention to be successful.
  3. How connected is the interventionist to treatment centers across the country? Some interventionists have a financial relationship with certain treatment centers, agreeing to send clients to specific facilities for a “kickback.” This practice is often not in the best interest of the client and family.
  4. How skilled is the interventionist in quickly and accurately assessing the situation and choosing the best treatment option for the person? There are many kinds of addictions and many treatment centers. The right fit is crucial for the best recovery.
  5. Is the interventionist qualified to work with the type of addiction your loved one is experiencing? Not all addictions are alike. Many people have multiple problems. You need someone who can handle dual-addictions and dual-diagnoses.
  6. What are the fees for the intervention? Interventions are not cheap. However, they can be affordable. Be sure you find the right fit at a fee you can afford. Then again, can you afford “not to”?

In the end, interventions are very effective. While not 100%, with the proper planning and the most skilled interventionist, the loved one almost always gets to the proper treatment center. The interventionists at The Hull Institute will follow the person through the treatment center stay and work with the staff there for discharge planning and follow-up in order to maximize the potential for recovery long after returning home.

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