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"I looked over at my 15 year old daughter as our doctor said: 'anorexia'. My heart sank and I thought: ''what did I do wrong? How had a failed her?' What I discovered from Ann is that there is no reason or person to blame for this insidious disease. It is a complicated mix of emotional, biological and psychological factors. Through Ann's help, I disengaged myself from Clare's eating behavior and focused on a healthier relationship with her. I realized I had no control over Clare's behavior and the only person I could change was me. This was the beginning of the recovery process, for Clare and our family."
~ Margaret,
A Mom

"Jill takes time to work with me in developing a reasonable and healthy meal plan. She is firm, yet helpful, motivating and compassionate. In addition to her great knowledge base, Jill's persistence has helped me progress in treatment."
~ Julie,
A client with anorexia

"I would recommend Christine to anyone who wants to develop and maintain healthy eating habits. Initially, I didn't want to see any nutritionist, but Ann talked me into it. I'm so glad she did. Christine has played an integral role in helping me become and stay healthy. Her positive attitude makes her a pleasure to work with, and her knowledge of nutrition and physiology continue to give me confidence in her advice and recommendations."
~ Christy,
Age 24

"Ann is a capable of nurturing anyone. The great amount of vitality, compassion and experience Ann has is rare. It's been 3 years since Ann helped me through intensive recovery and she is still one of my role models for emotional health"
~ Sarah,
A Client

"Although I was initially hesitant to do neurofeedback, I now see that it has been an invaluable asset to my traditional therapy. Neurofeedback has helped my ability to calm myself down, be more open to taking calculated risks to enhance my quality of life, and helped me relax enough to get restful sleep and have more useful energy during the day. Trusting the process has led to great rewards."
~ Julie,
Age 31

"Jill helped me learn a lot about nutrition and meal planning. She made things much clearer for me. She has helped me immensely in my journey to recovery."
~ Peggy,
Age 29

"Ann has the knowledge and experience to deliver Drug-Free Workplace Training in a personal and practical way. Her ability to make the training interactive and connect with our associates is why we call her back each year."
~ Nancy Rizzardi,
Safety Manager, NPA Coatings Inc.

"I have worked with Ann Hull (The Hull Institute) for years. Ann’s knowledge and expertise in the training arena of drug awareness and maintaining a Drug Free Work Place is superior. Ann connects well to a variety of audiences ranging from the business executive to the shop floor mechanic. I count on her to deliver a well organized program and she never fails."
~ David Braddix,
Cardpak, Inc.

"Ann, you are a great psychotherapist!"
~ ,
A Dad, Orthodox Priest, Psychologist

" Ann is never judgmental and always genuine and caring. Knowing that she actually CARES about me as a person and my true well being has been something that has carried me through some hard times. She is very reliable and available for my needs. Ann has been my only therapist, and I do not see that changing anytime soon! I credit Ann's realistic approach and support with much of my success during recovery."
~ Tina,
Age 24

"Christine is wonderful! Following a meal plan was something that was extremely difficult for me for a long time. Christine was always patient and understanding with me. I never left an appointment overwhelmed because she gave me realistic expectations to set me up for success. She is very knowledgeable not only about nutrition, but also about eating disorders. She has helped me gain a greater understanding of my nutritional and physiological needs."
~ Tina,
Age 24

"Ann is a compassionate and amazing professional. Her intelligence, work experience, and empathy allow her to go above and beyond for her clients. I am truly blessed to have found her"
~ Rachel,
Age 18

"She doesn't have shiny wings, and I didn't have to search the universe to find her. And I don't really like everything she says to me, but I know she is looking out for me and is my guide to healing. It's Ann!!!! THANKS!!!"
~ Laura,
Age 61