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The Hull Institute is excited to announce our partnership with Hull House Real Recovery.

peer supporter with eating disorders patient

As specialized eating disorder clinicians at The Hull Institute, Cleveland, Ohio, we understand how difficult recovery can be. Making progress and overcoming inevitable, everyday challenges requires support – and a lot of it. When recovery gets especially tough, additional support outside of a clinical setting may be needed. This is why we are enthusiastic to share Hull House Real Recovery’s peer support program with our clients; a comprehensive and inclusive approach to eating disorder treatment. 

Peer Support refers to the process of mentorship between a Peer Supporter, someone who is now recovered/in recovery from an eating disorder, and their Mentee, someone seeking recovery.

Whether it is for you, a partner, a child, a parent, or a friend, Hull House Real Recovery (HHRR) offers one on one virtual and in person peer support services for anyone struggling with an eating disorder. 

Having first hand experience recovering from an eating disorder themselves, HHRR’s team of Peer Supporters have unique compassion and profound knowledge for the recovery process. Each Peer Supporter has been extensively trained on how to provide appropriate guidance, support and hope for their Mentees throughout each stage of recovery.


  • Mentorship
  • Meal support
  • Grocery shopping
  • Clothes shopping
  • Cooking

Peer Support is designed to complement clinical support, not replace it. HHRR requires all Mentees to continue to meet with their outside clinical treatment team on a regular basis. If you need assistance in finding a clinical professional, please contact The Hull Institute at (216) 407-6278.

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